Jara Landworks-Ranch Forestry Dirt works & More!

Rates, Services and Sales

 Please check out our Hay for Sale page!


Most of our services require that we look at the work you need done then offer a quote for price. However some of our prices are as follows:

Dozer work -$125 hour

Backhoe -$ 85.00/hr

Frontend Loader - $ 130.00/hr

Dump truck - $70/hr

Feller Buncher- $150/hr


Dirt Works:

Road construction and maintenance, bridgework and bank stabilization

gravel, dirt, manure sales and hauling

Fireline construction

Pond/Tank construction

Ditch work

Culvert installation, replacement and cleaning

Cattle guard installation and maintenance/cleaning

 Riparian rehab such as brush removal/thinning, waterway cleaning and beaver dam removal and pool reconstruction, bank stabilization and proper riparian plantings.

Land or building site clearing

Building demolishing 

Parking lots clearing

Forestry ( some jobs may over lap with Dirt Works) :

Commercial and pre-commercial thinning,daylighting,& pruning


Brush removal

Meadow restoration

Riparian rehab

Forestry Consultation

Forest Monitoring, stand exams, reforestation, thinning  and inspection plots, timber cruising and marking-other surveys available also such as stream surveys, landbird monitoring, sensitive plant or noxious weed surveys etc...




Hay- We have good quality grass hay that is excellent for horses! We usually sell by the bale price which average price $8.00 per bale and we do deliver in the local area including Taos and Santa Fe, even Albuquerque. Pricing can vary depending on deliver distance or if you pick up at our barn. If you are a current customer your price may have been locked in through an agreement and not subject to price changes. 

Cattle-  primarily Santa Gertrudis are what we are raising right now.

Landowner Elk tags

Other services:

We may not have what you are looking for listed please contact us to find out what other services we may offer...just because you don't see it doesn't mean we might not offer it.

Some of our misc. services include:

Hunting guide service

Wildflower walks

Basic carpentry-primarily small jobs, repairs and maintenance