Jara Landworks-Ranch Forestry Dirt works & More!

Jara Landworks: Our History

Jaramillo Land and Cattle, Co. now Jara Landworks is a family based business actually a combination of businesses from Jaramillo Land and Cattle Co. our son's Triple J Land and Cattle to Jaramillo & Sons Forest Products and Jaramillo Contracting (dirt works/equipment contracting). 

Our history begins with Rudy Jaramillo. Growing up Rudy the youngest of 12 children learned to pull his weight on the family sheep ranch. in 1960's-1971 he attended the University of New Mexico and worked various odd jobs including summer work with the US Forest Service. Rudy graduated in 1971 earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Due to family concerns Rudy returned to the ranch to help out rather than start on a career track after college. He had found that the ranch and outdoors life was more to his liking anyway. In 1982 he converted the sheep ranch to cattle starting off with Herefords then gradually switching to Santa Gertrudis which he maintains to this day with a mix of black Angus or Limosene introduced. Around 1990"s Rudy also began his own Logging Company, J&J Logging Company and sub contracted for La Compania Ocho he also supplemented Ranching and Logging by guiding and other jobs in the earlier years. In 1980's he married Molly Green and  had two boys, Joseph and John. While the marriage didn't last  Rudy's devotion to his boys did. He raised them and gave them an appreciation of the outdoors and work ethic. Also Molly  and Rudy remained friends and Molly still contributes to the Ranch and Contracting along with Rudy's wife Kat.   John still lives  on the Ranch with his young daughter and works hard to help his Dad keep it going. Joseph (Joe) and his wife Sam live in Albuquerque. Joe is an electrician and they and their 3 children enjoy coming to the ranch to visit and help out. There is always fence building, haying, irrigating and cattle to check and other maintenance. John also works in the Forestry and Dirt Works/heavy equipment end of the Contracting business often driving the dump truck for Rudy or as Lead Sawyer for thinning. In addition, John will often take on many interesting and sometimes challenging side jobs. Some of which include, fence building, carpentry, welding, firewood and hay sales.  Along with Rudy, John, is Rudy's wife, Kat who serves as administrative assistant/manager, photographer, driver, ranch hand, equipment operator, web tech  and "chief cook and bottle washer" as they say.  Kat also has two sons, one in college and one who served in the Army now also in college. Both of which may help from time to time at the ranch. This company is truly a family affair which gives us a incredible network of support. However we also gladly hire local employees or contractors when we need the extra help or have the opportunity to do so. Providing as always that we find good honest, respectful workers. Our reputation and those of our employees or contractors depends on hard work, honesty, integrity and work quality.

Rudy's philosophy is to offer fair prices, quality work and excellent service, sometimes going a little extra to be sure the customer gets what they want and pay for. Our belief is to treat people like we want to be treated. Be courteous  and respectful, listen to what the customer wants and don't inflate prices just because the customer might have "deep pockets", yet give a fair quote. For those who can't afford much, we can try to suggest ways to get the work done without sacrificing quality but keep the price affordable. Much of our work includes consultation and our quotes/bids are always given free of charge. If hired specifically for consultation however a charge is incurred as that is the "job" hired for.

Some of many services Jaramillo Landworks offers:

Dirt Works:

Road construction and maintenance, bridgework and bank stabilization

gravel, dirt, manure sales and hauling

Fireline construction

Pond/Tank construction

Ditch work

Culvert installation, replacement and cleaning

Cattle guard installation and maintenance/cleaning

 Riparian rehab such as brush removal/thinning, waterway cleaning and beaver dam removal and pool reconstruction, bank stabilization and proper riparian plantings.

Land or building site clearing

Building demolition 

Parking lot clearing

Forestry ( some jobs may over lap with Dirt Works) :

Commercial and pre-commercial thinning,daylighting,& pruning both by hand/sawyer and Feller buncher


Brush removal

Meadow restoration

Riparian rehab

Forestry Consultation

Forest Monitoring, stand exams, reforestation, thinning  and inspection plots, timber cruising and marking-other surveys available also such as stream surveys, landbird monitoring, sensitive plant or noxious weed surveys etc...


HAY - quality grass hay excellent for horses!

dirt/gravel/manure/composting material


Cattle-Santa Gertrudis Cross